Sectarianism: Post-Sit-in Dispersal

A list of sectarian attacks after the dispersal of the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins yesterday compiled by Amira Mikhail, Mai El-Sadany, and myself…

Mia's Blog

This post is dedicated to tracking the most recent wave of sectarian attacks across Egypt. The format has recently changed due to the sheer volume of data. Currently, everything is in a DATABASE instead of list format. If the database is not opening please contact us. The original format is saved, for those who need it for blog purposes, please contact us.

The blog was started and is managed by Mai El-SadanyAmir Beshay, and myself, Amira Mikhail. A sincere thanks goes to @Sleipne and Catie Burleson for the database development, and to Mina Fayek for contributing a lot of time to assist in the aggregation of information.

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and is being updated on a regular basis. Information so far is unverified although most is backed up with tweets and photos. We are hoping to continue the efforts to verify details. If…

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